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As a whole the wine industry has not see a vast amount of innovations for consumers. Much of the innovation is found in wineries or bottling plants and their impact is not (and it really shouldn't be) notable on the palette when enjoying a bottle of wine. The Somm by SYNEK challenges that, by bring an innovative and smart wine dispenser right to your counter top. In much the same was as they had done with their craft beer dispenser, the Somm is much like an automated espresso coffee machine, but for wine.

Basically, the Somm is an automated wine dispenser which controls your wine's temperature and aeration (two factors which influence the taste of wine) for the specific wine you will be pouring. It incorporates an innovative and eco-friendly packaging solution as well as a smart phone app, all in a compact an modern case design. The project on KickStarter has already been successfully funded and stretch goals are sure to still be added.

Somm learns your palate, ships direct-to-door, and perfectly pours expert-approved wines in the comfort of your home. Here is the official campaign video for the Somm by SYNEK

Somm by SYNEK - a wine dispenser that learns your palate

The Somm uses a Sylo which is a storage canister which holds 2.25L of wine which is the equivalent of 3 bottles. The unit has an automatic temperature control which chills the wine according to the specific wine you have selected (as recommended by the winemaker). Aeration is also specifically controlled and the pouring mechanism is simple and practical. The Somm learns your palate though your inputs on the Somm app and to top it off, it is self cleaning.

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For more information on the Somm visit the official website and to back this project visit Kickstarter.

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