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If you are a 'cat person' and a wine lover then you probably have had an experience where you are sipping your merlot and while peering over your wine glass you see your cat (or cats) staring at you, with a look that you can't quite put your finger on. For a fraction of  second you ponder giving your cat a saucer of wine and then instantly realise that its probably not a good idea. This is where Munchiecat and their catnip wine and cheese toys come into the picture.

Cats are hunters (and we are pretty sure not wine drinkers) so they look at most things as 'prey' and 'toys' as we call them. Your cat (or cats) want small toys to carry around like pretend prey and large toys for kicking and cuddling. Munchiecat’s catnip toys offers a wide range of sizes and shapes for your kitty to choose from - the smallest being their 5cm/2” Olives and their largest toys are the 20cm/8” Wine Bottles. Every toy is infused with potent catnip, and Munchiecat has included crinkle toys and jingle toys too.

Munchiecat's plush cat toys infused with potent catnip and includes crinkle toys and bells are now on Kickstarter and are looking for backers to help bring this project to life. See their campaign video below

The idea for Munchiecat began with Munchiecat creator's love for food and love for animals. Create food-themed toys that were simple in design, and fun for both pets and their humans was the goal. Designing safe products is a priority with simple designs being safer and reduces the chances of tears, breaks, and choking. Contrary to traditional and popular cat toys, Munchiecat stays away from decorative strings, feathers, or small parts that can break off and get swallowed or cause choking hazards.

The range of toys now on Kickstarter include the following:

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For more information on these cat toys or to back the project you can view the Kickstarter campaign here.

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