APÉRO - The world's first nitrous oxide powered wine opener

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This is certainly not your grandfather's bottle opener. Most probably not your father's either. APÉRO is the world’s first nitrous oxide powered wine opener. So easy and effortless, you'll never want to open a bottle of wine any other way! This space age looking bottle opener is designed for anyone to use and APÉRO Wine is looking to crowdfunding to bring it to market.

For some, especially new comers to the wonders of wine, the more traditional wine opening processes can be intimidating, often requiring a lot of know-how, some strength and a little finesse. APÉRO Wine has a solution that promises no more struggling to yank corks out of bottles, dealing with annoying cork deposits in your wine or worrying about hurting your hands in the process. With the press of a button, you can open any bottle of wine in a split second.

The APÉRO wine opener is powered by an 8g nitrous oxide (N2O) charger canister that opens around 40-50 bottles of wine. So, there are no replacement batteries needed and no more hiding of charging docks or wall adapters. Another advantage of using N2O is that it adds no flavor or odor to the wine. For more information on how this system works, here is the official campaign video from Kickstarter.

The World's First Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener

From the campaign video, APÉRO appears to be very simple to use and has a modern and minimalist design. For those with a more modern wine cellar or home decor, the APÉRO will be an interesting accessory to display alongside your wine collection.

For more information on the APÉRO wine opener visit www.aperowine.com and to back this project on Kickstarter go to www.kickstarter.com.


Let us know in the comments below what you think about this alternative solution to the more traditional bottle opener.

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