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Sunday, 16 October 2016 22:07

2016 Veritas Awards winners

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The Veritas Awards, South Africa's longest running and most prestigious wine and brandy competition, announced the 2016 winners earlier this month. Of the 1760 entries in total, 38 wine and brandy makers walked away with double gold medals. The award ceremony took place on the 7th of October in Cape Town and was a glamours 'black-tie' event, attended by South Africa's leading wine and brandy industry personalities. Here are the much desired double gold winners and along with other medal allocations.

Saturday, 01 October 2016 22:20

Who Is Louise Delage?

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At Best Wine Guide we believe everyone can (and probably should) enjoy good wine, but at the same time, should always drink responsibility. It can be easy to presume that wine connoisseurs and fellow oenophilias are wise enough to not become alcoholics, but the truth is that it is not always so. To tackle this problem, especially among millennials, a french organisation has used a very interesting campaign titled "Like My Addiction" to raise awareness of alcoholism.

This is certainly not your grandfather's bottle opener. Most probably not your father's either. APÉRO is the world’s first nitrous oxide powered wine opener. So easy and effortless, you'll never want to open a bottle of wine any other way! This space age looking bottle opener is designed for anyone to use and APÉRO Wine is looking to crowdfunding to bring it to market.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 22:02

5 Rosé wines to pair with spring

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Spring is a very special season for wine loves. It quickens the anticipation for summer's longer days and warmer nights, which both make for perfect times to enjoy a glass of wine, be it a chardonnay with a crisp lunch salad or a merlot with a light dinner. But what is even more special about spring is that it is the perfect time to bring out the rosés.

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