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Frequent economy class travellers know this all to well; sleeping well on a long flight is near impossible. Space is limited, seat position is less than ideal and in flight pillows are pointless. A standard travel pillow can help, but only to a small degree. A new Kickstarter project has evolved the U-shaped travel pillow and claims it is like upgrading to 'sleeping class'.

The FaceCradle is an advanced travel pillow created by Hairy Turle and has already raised over 1.2 million AUD on their crowdfunding campaign. The pillow features an internal frame with a locking hindge mechanism with two U-shaped pillows attached. The design allows for five comfort modes. These modes enable the user to find a more ideal sleeping position while on long flights or for other trips. Watch the campaign video below to see how it works.

FaceCradle travel pillow

FaceCradle was invented by David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu owners of Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd. David is a highly awarded product designer, product marketer and entrepreneur, with over 30 patents to his name and the founder of Ozito, a famous power tool brand based in Australia. Roz has many years experience in Advertising where, as the Head of Production she has made countless television commercials mostly for famous brands and working with some of the most creative talent in her industry.

To see more about the FaceCradle and to back this project visit www.kickstarter.com or www.facecradle.me


FaceCradle is not the only product challenging the standard travel pillow. Here are four additional alternatives to consider.


Do you have any tips or hacks for sleeping on long flights? Let us know in the comments below.






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