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The race has been on over the last year or so as to who will be the overall winner in the wireless earbud race. And for sportsmen and women, that race has been closely watched. Most well established brands have launched their own earbuds, but it has been the 'indie' product design market which has put serious contenders into the race. Axum Gear, a new entry looking to come out on top, has an interesting pair.

Sports earbuds are actually a challenge for product designers. They need to be small, need to fit various ear shapes, have great sound quality, have long play times, be easy to charge and connect well with different mobile platforms. Achieving this has proven to not be as easy as many brands have discovered. Fnding the balance between form and function is always a change (no matter the product), and there are only a few products on the market which seem to have found the 'sweet spot'.

Axum Gear have launched their wireless sports earbuds via the crowdfunding website Indiegogo and had managed to raise their initial goal within an hour of launching. Here is the campaign video which highlights the features of the Axum Earphones.

Axum Earphones are the world's first ever bluetooth earphones to implement M-voiD technology. This audio technology has been used so far exclusively in luxury cars of the leading automobile manufacturers to create the best surrounding experience. M-voiD technology has made Axum earphones sound like the best wired earphones out there. The hook attached silicone jacket allows use during the most extreme sports activities. It comes in 3 different sizes which will fit you perfectly no matter what shape your ear. A double Nano-Coating application provides waterproofing. The buds are charged using a magnetic charging case which gives 4 hours of wireless playtime and an additional 4 hours of charge in the charging case. There is also a built in microphone for calls and voice commands for mobile devices.

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For more information on Axum Gear visit or see the campaign to back this project on

While Axum claims to be the 'World's Best', we still thing wireless sports earbuds need to finish a few more laps arounf the proverbial track before the true winner can take the podium, but for now, the Axum's do look like real strong contenders.


Do you use wireless earbuds for sports and fitness? Let us know in the comments below which ones you use and your thoughts on them.





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