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If you live in the southern hemisphere, then you most probably have been greeted by spring. Sping, the prelude to long, hot and fun summer days, pushes winter back along with those electric blankets and hot water bottles. Sping also has this strange ability to push us to clean and organise our homes like not other season can. So, for those gearing up for a big spring clean, here is the ultimate collection of cleaning hacks and tips.

Everyone loves, wants and needs a good night's rest; its a simple fact of life. Not so simple however, is actually getting a good night's sleep. From too hard or tto soft mattresses to pillows that fall flat and offer no neck support after only a few sleeps, there are so many factors that influence how good your sleep will be. Two brothers decided to tackle the problem. First by launching a revolutionary mattress design and now by launching a pillow using the same technology.

This is the third and last part of the three part series on home drapery. In the first article we looked at how designers approch dressing a window which includes function and style. In part two we looked at the process of dressing a window as well as the use of colours, textures, fabrics and pleats to create the perfect modern yet elegant drapery.

Trends in window treatments have changed considerably in recent years. This is the second part in this three part series in which we look at how you can apply the same techniques and principles used by interior decorators to dress your home’s windows with modern and elegant drapery.

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