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While many tout the wonders and independence of working from home, whether you've got a regular job that allows you to telecommute or you own your own home-based business, they often don't talk about the challenges that face the home-based worker.

Container gardening has many advantages over traditional methods of gardening and landscaping your lawn. You can experiment with colour, insure that your plants have great soil, and raise the garden to a comfortable level for weeding, fertilizing, and pruning. Containers full of bright flowers, lovely foliage, and colourful vegetables can fill empty spots on your deck or front steps, or create borders and privacy screens.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas tree. Now that the holidays are getting closer, it might be time to think about what kind of tree you are going to buy this year; a real or a fake Christmas tree?

A refrigerator, or simply a fridge, is not only one of the most essential appliances found in any kitchen today, but it is also one of the most expensive appliance purchases most families will make. The average fridge can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years (or more in many cases) so it is best to make the most informed decision before going and buying your next fridge.

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