WoW's Ashbringer brought to life

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No other video game developer does things (or more fitting, everything) quite like Blizzard Entertainment does. From developing, in my opinion, the most iconic video games to spectacular live events and tournaments, from highly detailed merchandise to a blockbuster feature film, Blizzard has this unique ability to bring a world of fantasy to life, fantasy that feels real and alive.

Blizzard has been know for bringing characters and items from their fictional worlds to life in various art forms and their latest is an iconic item from World of Warcraft; Ashbringer - a Paladin Artifact weapon. Watch legendary Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton of Sword and Stone use the mighty tools of his trade to bring Ashbringer to life.

Azeroth Armory: Ashbringer


Blizzard seems to have a series going on YouTube called 'Azeroth Armory' which follows the building of various World of Warcraft weapons. So far there are only a few videos uploaded with the likes of Ashbringer, Doomhammer and Warglaive.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this fine piece of blacksmith workmanship and which items you would like to see being forged.


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