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Kicking of a new series of weekly blog posts titled 'Kickstarter Projects of the Week' (hence the hashtag #KSPOTW), I want to start off with a project that is both 'bizarre and beautiful' as well as an inspiration on a personal level.  Pinstripe - An Adventure Through Hell is a 2D adventure video game about an ex-minister named Teddy who must explore Hell in search of his daughter Bo, who has been kidnapped by a strange entity claiming to be God.

This amazingly artistic looking adventure game is the result of the passion and dedication of a one-man development team and all credit goes to Thomas Brush and his development studio Atmos Games. Thomas has single-handedly been working on Pinstripe for more than three years and just by looking at the artwork and campaign video on Kickstarter, you can see that this project is not just another indie video game, but a fine work of art.

Pinstripe - Official Kickstarter Video


Pinstripe features bizarre and interesting puzzles, strange monsters to shoot with your handy shotgun, and unique and lovable characters to engage with in order to advance through Hell. The game features highly polished, illustrative 2D graphics with an emotionally charged story about fatherhood and. It is an old-school, detective styled adventure platforming game with strange and challenging on-screen puzzles with a moody, beautiful soundtrack that features piano and classical instrumentation. The game takes place in six strange and elegantly designed worlds (forest, train, cave, canyon, lake, and cliff) which adds to the wonderful feeling of adventure and exploration.

For more information on Pinstripe visit the official website and to back this project visit Kickstarter

On a personal level, Pinstripe and Thomas Brush's story as a solo developer has really been a huge inspiration for me, and a much needed one. As an aspiring tabletop and card game designer and a one-man-team, it can be almost as hard to be motivated to work on your projects as the projects themselves. Seeing Thomas's passion and dedication on Pinstripe as well as the enthusiasm from backers and the indie community has reignited my drive to finish my projects, projects who's flames were beginning to die out just a little. For more information on my projects and to see how they are progressing, you can follow these Twitter accounts: Crafters Reign, The Great Reserve and Nebula:Mine.

Pinstripe is testament to the notion that much can be achieved when you are passionate about what you believe in and remain dedicated to it. This applies to not only artists and their creative projects, but can apply to an entrepreneur's business idea, a sportsman's performance goals or a traveler's desire to see the world. It sure is amazing where one can find inspiration.


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