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Many off the big brand peripheral manufactures like Logitech, Razor, Thermaltake and Belkin along with lessor known brands like Cyber Snipa, ACEPHA and TAC have all added PC gaming keypads or gamepads to their arsenal of gaming weapons. The latest entry to this niche peripheral market is Hunter with their Hunter 1.0 mechanical keypad for PC.

Launched on Kickstarter in September 2017, The Hunter 1.0 is a PC gaming keypad that features 12 programmable mechanical keys with 1 fixed trigger key and a thumb joystick. The fan-like circular design places the 12 backlit programmable keys under your fingers while the fixed key and joystick are accessible to the thumb. This keypad also features vibration feedback, non-slip palm rest and connects via Type C USB connector.

 Software is used to program the keys which allows for individual or macro key binds. On-the-fly key binding/recording is not available but might be available with software/firmware upgrades. The mechanical keys are available in both round and square shaped keys.

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The Hunter 1.0 keypad measures 200mm x 200mm and weighs 215g. Available in black and a custom red and currently only available for left hand use (a right hand version will be made available if enough are requested to complete a minimum unit order amount by the manufacturer). Unfortunately no details are available from the Kickstarter campaign as to how customisable the key placements are in order to fit different hand sizes.

The Hunter 1.0 keypad is up against some stiff competition; with the likes of the Logitech G13 (which features an LCD screen) and the Razer Tartarus Chroma (which packs 25 programmable keys). With expected shipping to only be in May 2018, there is still some time before a verdict can be made as to if the Hunter 1.0 can compete in this niche gaming peripheral market, which seems to usally be filled by gamers with deeper pockets than most and who are often very outspoken about their gear.

7c6c39cc2927c717d2c7d5ad2847d3b1 originalTo back this project or for more information on the Hunter 1.0 keypad, visit the Kickstater campaign page. Do you use or have you tried a keypad for gaming yet? Let us know if you do and what your opinion is about these PC gaming peripherals in the comments below.

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