Tips for caring for curly or frizzy hair

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No one needs to have bad hair days like many did in the seventies or eighties before today’s great products and styling tools were created. Just ask your parents or grandparents and have a look back at their old high school photos and you’ll see for yourself.

With no taming or smoothing products to choose from apart from some oily mix, wavy hair tended to have a life of its own.

Today, those with curly or wavy hair are still prone to untameable frizz or curls in humid weather, but there are a variety of products and tools available now to help control the frizzy effect of your hair. If you struggle with hair that tends to curl in damp or humid weather, here are a few suggestions you may want to try:

Use Stimulating, Nourishing Products

Gain control of split ends, and strengthen your hair with salon-quality products that are designed to revitalize hair and fortify follicles. Check the ingredients, and choose those with UV absorbers and anti-oxidants. Look for products that contain heat shield polymers that will protect your hair from over-drying or excessive flat iron use.

Dry Your Hair Thoroughly

In damp weather or after washing, moisture seeps into hair follicles because hair is porous (absorbent). This is why it is important to dry it thoroughly and add a protective finish such as a leave-in conditioner to styled hair. Never sleep on wet hair as this can be very damaging for wet hair and always leave home with your hair completely dry. Do a thorough job right out of the shower, and use good tools.

Use an Ionic Ceramic Dryer and Flat Iron

Conventional dryers and flat irons get hotter as you work with them and generate positive ions that can cause hair to look dull and become prone to frizz. Overuse puts your hair at risk of heat damage. Ionic ceramic tools, on the other hand, have regulated heat, and generate negative ions, which improve strength and shine.

Finish with a Product that Holds

Lock in your style with a protective hair spray, and add shine with a glossing anti-frizz serum.

Shampoo Less Frequently

If you’re fortunate enough to have your style hold for more than a day, refrain from daily shampooing. You may want to consider using a dry shampoo in between washings, to give your hair a break.

Of course, a good cut is important in order to pull off great-looking hair. Choose a good stylist. Watch as your stylist dries and styles your hair so you can do likewise at home. Ask your stylist what products are recommended for your hair type to use at home. They may cost a little more than shampoos bought in stores, but in the long run, will be worth it to get the hold and sheen you’re looking for.

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