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Trends come and go but some elements of fashion remain the same. Footwear is one of the areas of fashion where trends show most distinctly. Just because shoes demonstrate the trends, it does not mean you have to wear them though (all). Select more classic shoe styles and make your wardrobe timeless.


A basic high heel pump is a wonderful staple to have in your shoe selection. All outfits, except for the most casual ones, work well with a pair of pumps. Select a height you are comfortable with to make sure you get lots of use out of the style. Avoid trends like platforms or extra embellishments to keep your shoes timeless. Black, grey or white are considered 'safe' colors for pumps if you want to get the most wear out of them, but a pair of pumps in nude can give a softer look and mataches most outfits and thus make for great timeless shoes, so worth considering as well.

Peep toe heels

Show off your gorgeous pedicure with a classic pair of peep toe heels. For more versatility in your shoe collection, go for a peep toe in a kitten heel height. This will give you a strong contrast to the classic pump style which will allow for more diverse looks. The lower heel height can create a more casual look, but with the right ourfit can be dressed up to give an elegant look.

Ballet or loafer flats

Depending on your preference, you can remain trendy and timless with a pair of ballet or loafer flats when you need a comfortable and causual to semi-smart look. Either type will give you a good option for all but the dressiest of outfits. Selecting a basic neutral colour will give you more flexiblity with matching outfits and will remain fashionable from one season to the next.


Summery dresses call for great sandals, so go for a timeless pair. Something in a low-heeled slide or an espadrille style will work well for years as they have done for years before. For the most casual of days, like a lazy Sunday, a pair of strappy comfort sandals will always make for a great addition to your collection.


This list would be incomplete with out the iconic confy shoe; the sneaker. Converse All Stars & Chuck Taylors have become fashion stapples for many reasons including the simple reason that they are comfortable, available in many colours and paterns, simple to style, match just about everything you have in your closet and are relatively cheap. No timeless shoe collection would be complete without a pair (or more) of these classics.


Whatever your shoe choice, there is an option available that will not be out of style in the next three months or even the next few years. Invest in the classics and your shoe selection will not ever let you down.

Let us know in the comments below which shoes are your timeless classics you always have in your collection.

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