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Ankle boots are trending again this year, and for good reason – they are perfect with almost every look. While winter boots in previous years will run the full gamut of lengths from above the knee to just below the ankle, the ankle boot will be the choice of many women due to their ease of wear and their relative degree of comfort when compared to longer, heavier boots.

This year’s updated ankle boots will take on a fresh note of drama crafted in suede and leather and sometimes embellished with faux fur or even high-shine metal effects. The addition of a sexy heel will give them added fashion punch. Although versatile and stylish, many women have problems deciding how to wear ankle boots. Since some styles are a bit chunky, they can make your legs look bulky while subtracting height. The good news is these boots can look dramatic when worn with the right clothing and accessories.

Ankle boots can be flattering worn with slim leggings or tights in a dark color particularly if you have slim shapely calves. If your legs are a bit less trim and toned, a better choice would be to wear ankle boots with a longer, more voluminous skirt. Choose a skirt with a hem that touches the top of the ankle boots or wear a pair of tights the same color as the rest of your outfit. A monochromatic look is best if you’re on the short or stocky side.

If you’re young and on the slender side, ankle boots are memorably cute when paired with matching tights and a short skirt. Although this may not be an appropriate look for the office, it can be a fun look for a casual weekend outing. Ankle boots generally aren’t flattering when worn with skirts that fall at or just below the knee or calf. This look tends to shorten the length of the leg and gives an awkward appearance. Go for one extreme, either short or very long skirt lengths, when you wear ankle boots.

If you lack the height and build of a supermodel, wear ankle boots that are similar in color to the outfit you’re wearing for a slimming monochromatic look. It’s also more flattering to your frame if you choose a simple pair without added embellishments which can make feet look heavy and chunky. A pointed toe can also give the illusion of additional height.

Ankle boots are also fun to wear with a slim pair of jeans in dark denim and a simple turtleneck. They make great cooler weather casual wear that will keep your feet warm, dry, and right in style.

If you choose to wear ankle boots, keep the look sleek and simple and you’ll look good no matter what your build happens to be. Why not give ankle boots a try this season?

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