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In 1873 a fashion icon was born, shaping cultures for decades - right to today! The Levi 501 is unquestionable the single most enduring fashion item, a symbol that has and continues to define various 'pop' cultures. This original short, three part documentary by Levi looks at the history of 501 – the original and first ever blue jean.

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Monday, 11 December 2017 14:26

Revenge of the Electric Car - Documentary film

This is an incredible 'behind closed doors' look at the real nuts and bolts of the electric car revolution. Follow directer Chris Paine as he takes his film crew to secretive engineering labs of auto makers Nissan, General Motors and Tesla as they document the revenge of the electric car. Chris also looks at an 'outsider' who is engineering his own electric car, joining the revelation.

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This is an epic documentary that tells the story of eSports from the view point of Matt Shea, freelance journalist and most probably not a gamer. It looks into the hyper competitive stage of competitive gaming and also looks at the darker, less spoken about, life and pressures of being an eSports athlete. This is a great watch for any gamer and a perfect watch for any one needing an introduction to the world of eSports.

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