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Every woman should have a fabulous fitting pair of jeans in their closet - although, lets be honest, you need (and want) more than one. Curvy women may have a hard time shopping for good looking jeans in a skinny girl world. Here are five tips for buying jeans that will prove every curvy lady can be a denim diva.

1. Fabric

Choose jeans with a stretchable material. These jeans will be snug in all the right places and will hold and firm any trouble areas. A stretchy material will allow women to be comfortable and look fantastic. Choose a pair of jeans with a percentage of lycra or Spandex in the denim fabric as this will givethe jean fabric more stretch.

2. Colour

Darker colours, such as navy, black or grey, will make your legs appear slimmer and give the illusion of being taller. Dark wash jeans are a great choice because they can make the transition from day time casual to classy evening wear in a snap. If you are wanting to keep your dark coloured denims from fadding out, you can read our guide here.

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3. Height

Be sure to consider the rise (waist height) of any jeans you are considering to buy. For a short torso, it is better to consider a hip line waist that will attract the eye and make the torso appear longer. If a little belly happens to be the case, a medium height waist is best as his will hold in any bulges and prevent the infamous and highly unwanted 'muffin top' effect.

4. Style

Skinny jeans are almost impossible for curvy girls to pull off. The tiny ankles will make the hips look wider and the put the body out of proportion. Curvy women should try a bootleg style that widens after the knee. Trouser style jeans also work because they hug the hips and upper thigh and drape down to create a sense of balance between the hip and calf. These jeans also look great with heels and are very comfortable too.

5. Fit

Forget the number it says on the tag. Sizes vary by brand and what might be a 10 in one brand could be a 14 in another. What matters is the fit, not the number. Try different sizes in various styles until you find the perfect fit. Jump, crouch even kick to make certain the jeans will allow all kinds of movement, comfortably. Be sure to sit down and see what the jeans look like from this angle. If they look good standing but dig in and create rolls when sitting, then toss them back on the shelf. You may want to consider taking a friend with who can be honest and have a good eye for style to help you get a better fit.


Don't let shopping for jeans become a nightmare just because you are blessed to be a curvy women. Take these five tips with you the next time you go shopping for a new pair and we are sure the perfect jeans will no longer be just a dream. Voluptuous ladies can look so trendy in a pair of perfectly fitted jeans and it does not need to be a mission. Find the right colour, fabric, rise, style and size all curvy women can be denim divas right alongside the skinny jean girls - after all, we all have the right to be fabulous and trend.

If you are a curvy women and have some styling tips you want to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below - we would love to read them all and maybe add a few to our list above.



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