DIY Denim chic when your wallet is bleak

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Skip breaking the bank to own trendy jeans by making your own custom creations instead. With a little bit of smart shopping and do-it-yourself ingenuity, it's easy to create super-glam jeans.

These seasons hottest denim trends don't have to cost a pretty penny. Even during these tight times, a pair of fashionably wrecked and ravaged jeans can cost a fair amount if purchased from a better retailer. So, let's skip the bank account damage and see how to make your own custom creations instead. With a little bit of shopping around and DIY skills, it's easy to create super-glam jeans.

Splatter-bleached denim

Pick up a bottle of bleach, a plastic spray bottle and a pair of cheap jeans. Working outdoors, or in another well-ventilated area, place the jeans on a flat surface. Put on some eye protection and gloves. Make a strong bleach mixture composed of three parts bleach to one part water in the spray bottle, and shake it well.

Spray the jeans with the bleach solution until the desired effect is reached. Immediately wash the jeans alone with cold water and detergent. Voila! Bleached out jeans for a quarter of the price.

Sliced jeans

One of the new trends is artfully-diced denim. Use a pair of skinny jeans with lots of stretch for best results. To start, cover a flat surface with a board or padding for protection. Next, lay the jeans flat and use some tailor's chalk, or a pen, to draw horizontal cutting lines down the thigh and calf. Word of warning: leave at least two inches between each cut, and don't go too wide, or the jean will deform.

Next, insert an old magazine or other protective, disposable material in the leg to separate the front and back of the leg. Using a scissor or craft knife, slice through the fabric. To stop the cut from expanding along the grain, use a needle and thread to do a few tacking stitches or daub material glue at the ends of the cuts. Wash the jeans to age and weather the cuts.

Crystal jeans

Add some sparkle to your jeans with some colourful rhinestones. Fine Swarovski crystals are available on the Internet, or you can use less expensive flat-backed stones from the craft store. To make sure the jewels stick, use a good beading glue. Use tailor's chalk to dot the jeans and create a design, or place the jewels randomly.

For gems on the rear pocket, it may be necessary to use a specific tool to add a metal backing to lock the crystal in place. Once finished, give the jeans about twenty-four to forty-eight hours drying time.


And that's it! Three simple ways to have trendy chic denims this season, even when your wallet would have threatened otherwise.

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