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Coffee, much like wine, is uniquely different depending on the source of the beans, the roasting process and the preparation (along with a lot of science and other mystery too). Trying out new and exciting coffees from around the world would be an expensive, time consumming (ad)venture. The folks at SweeTooth Design Company believe they have a artful solution and want you to help fund it.

'Alchemy of Coffee' is an artistically designed flowchart style poster that displays  different coffee drinks from around the world. The coffee drinks displayed are not limited to the typical coffee that you can easily find like an Americano or Cuppochino. Instead, you will find more delicious drinks like Irish coffee, iced Vietnamese coffee, Hong Kong Yuan Yang, Jamaican Coffee, Portugal Galão, Mexican Café de olla, Turkish Coffee, and many more - 39 in total to be precise. The 'Alchemy of Coffee' poster (below) is 914mm x 609mm (36"x24") with illustrations on a black background

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'Alchemy of Coffee' is currently a live project on Kickstarter and the team at SweeTooth Design Company is looking to raise US$3500.00 before the 4th of October. Having already added two posters to their Alchemy Series (Alchemy of Tea and Alchemy of Cake), the design team at SweeTooth Design Company seem to have this crowdfunding business well sorted, which should give backers a little peace of mind when considering to back this project. For more information on this project visit

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The SweeTooth Design Company's mission is to educate and bring exciting food knowledge and delicious design to the world - and it looks like their mission is going well! To back this project and to get your very own 'Alchemy of Coffee' poster, visit

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Let us know in the comments below if you have or are considering backing this project.






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